ewz is live with DT.Energy

DecisionTrees GmbH is happy to announce that ewz (Zurich Municipal Electric Utility) has chosen DT.Energy as their new hydro optimization system. The results of long term DT.Energy valuation runs for eight hydro power cascades owned orpartly owned by ewz are used in practical operation since January 2021.

ewz is a service department of the City of Zürich. It is a leading company with pioneering energy and communications solutions and operates 12 hydropower plants throughout Switzerland with around 2.4 TWh annual hydro power production.

The disruptive changes in energy markets due to the ongoing increase of renewable production imply that long termplanning of large hydro power systems in the Alps becomes more and more challenging. In particular, fluctuating prices on day ahead, ancillary services and intraday markets need highly automated and fast calculating mathematical software to profitably optimize available flexible hydro power resources. Precise long term water values and marginal costs for pumps and turbines arekey results that are used on long term hedging and short term physical operation planning.

The integrated planning system DT.Energy is very well suited to increase future profits in volatile energy markets based onprecise mathematical modelling combined with fast deterministic and stochastic optimization. It is capable to represent the relevant technical characteristics of hydro power plants as well as uncertain future impacts. It provides detailedmathematical modelling of both, the physical hydro system as well as balancing and power markets.

In the near future, it is planned to also use the stochastic hydro optimization models for the calculation of water values which consider future inflow and market price uncertainty.

DT.Energy provides cutting edge functionalities of hydro system modelling, which are well proven in practice by a variety of other hydro power producers in the Alps. The powerful optimization framework is embedded in a state-of-the-art and easy to handle software system. It offers a completely redesigned graphical user interface with great topology visualization, powerful time series management, flexible import and export functionalities as well as automation features combined with great system security.

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