Power Plant Dispatch Planning

Optimization of Thermal Power Plants and Generation Portfolios

Our stochastic optimization system for the valuation and dispatch planning of thermal generation portfolios is continuously developed in cooperation with users. Therefore, we know your problems and have a targeted and comprehensive solution for you: This integrates the adequate modeling of future uncertainties with the modeling of all technical, contractual and market-specific features of thermal power plants, fuel storages, supply contracts and energy markets.

Our Solution

  • Optimization of the day-ahead dispatch planning
  • Integrated modeling of fuel supply contracts, gas storage facilities, coal storage facilities, fuel markets, emission certificate markets
  • Optimization of Ancillary Services offers. For more details, see Ancillary Services
  • Special focus on short computing times
  • Integrated optimization of the upstream fuel supply chain

Your benefits with stochastic optimization

The real option value of power plants without time integral fuel restrictions and without restrictions on start-ups / shut-downs per year can also be determined using Monte Carlo simulation. Whereas optimization models based on scenario trees must be applied to generation capacities which are subject to such restrictions.

  • Determination of shadow prices for your limited ressources with time-integral restrictions, e.g. power plant start-ups, fuel take-or-pay quantities, storage restrictions, ...
  • Longterm forward trading optimization of your portfolio with CVar risk-adjustment
  • Determination of profit&loss distributions, Value-at-Risk, and other risk indicators
  • Integration of power plant outages and failure rates
  • Delta Hedging of thermal power plants. For more details, see Delta Heding

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