Cross Commodity Optimization

Cross-Commodity-Optimization with integrated Ancillary Services Optimization

The decision making complexity for utilities has increased dramatically. In contrast to rigid heat-operated dispatch, flexibilities on spot and balancing markets are exploited and fuel are purchased from the spot and forward market. Associated with this, the uncertainty of electricity, fuel, CO2 and ancillary services has to tackled as well. Thus, utilities face a multistage and branched decision making problem:

  • Procurement portfolio optimization of multiple fuels
  • Power and heating plant dispatch planning with detailed modelling on turbine/generation unit level.
  • Market offer optimization together for the spot, balancing and intraday market
  • Modeling and optimization of all thermodynamic processes
  • Optimal heat storage management
  • Consideration of district heating demand, external heat suppliers and district heating network

These distinct problems are solved in an integrated closed process - neither in a sequential nor in an iterative process. Your result is a cost minimal heat supply plan with optimal offers for the spot, intraday and balancing markets.

Your Benefits

  • Exact modeling of all types of CHP plants (ramps, part-load efficiencies, multiple fuel types and fuel switches etc.)
  • Integrated and closed market offer optimization for spot and balancing energy markets
  • Flexible parameterization of the district heating network, assets and balancing energy products (specific for each frequency control area)
  • Special focus on short computing times for long-term investment planning analysis: Model generation and solution has been developed specificly for the cross-commodity-optimization
  • Cost minimal ressource management through stochastic optimization
  • The optimization system will be customized for our project partners' requirements

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