Tests and Demo's

Test us!

Of course, you can test DT.EnergySuite in order to discover its potentials for your company. You can order a test calculation with real data or you can use the demo version of DT.EnergySuite for limited time. It awaits you in every case an intensive support during the test phase.

Test Calculations

A test calculation is in principle the first step to get know the DT.EnergySuite. Hereby you have the opportunity to let us enter your portfolio into the DT.EnergySuite and then to run some optimizations for a given planning horizon. We would conduct different optimization runs in coordination with you and discuss the results together.

Demo Version

You can discover the entire functionality of DT.EnergySuite with a full-featured and time-limited demo version by yourself. The demo can either be installed on your computers or you work easily via remote connection on one of our demo computers.