E-World 2024 is Back in February

Due to the current situation with Covid in Germany, e-World-2022 is being postponed to June 21st-23rd 2022. Sadly, but with understanding, we have accepted this decision and have notified the variety of our customers and partners that wewill only see them again at e-World in June.

We cannot wait to see you again then!

If you do not want to wait until then, please contact us at office@dtrees.com. We are more than happy to demo recent extensions of our DT.Energy optimization systems, highlights and new developments.

We look forward to present the following highlights of our most recent work to you at e-World-2022:

Optimisation and Marketing of Complex Power Plant Portfolios in the Intraday-Market

• Integration of DT.Energy Optimization with autoTrader (Trayport Visotech) based on Rest-API
• Highly efficient data exchange based on REST web services of
- portfolio positions
- power plant schedules
- marginal prices
• The optimization delivers maximum available flexibilities and marginal prices per power plant to the autoTrader
• The optimization takes into account all technical and contractual restrictions, heat restrictions, fuel-prices, efficiencies, start-ramps etc.
• autoTrader sells the still available flexibilities and considers the marginal costs per power- plant calculated by the optimization

Optimization of Industrial Consumer Portfolios

• Detailed modelling of generation and consumption portfolios of energy-intensive production processes
• Integrated optimization of energy purchase, own generation and energy marketing of the production process
• Optimization of all the relevant commodities, commodity flows and commodity conversions of the production process (e.g. fuels, ashes, waste products of
production, raw materials of production etc.)
• Modelling and optimization of e.g.

- Paper factories
- Aluminium plants
- Water supply systems, sewage water systems
- Cement plants

Stochastic Optimization of Hydropower Plants

In 2020, we were able once again to expand the circle of our users of hydropower,especially the stochastic hydropower optimization. In addition to Salzburg AG, Tiroler Wasserkraft AG, we were now able to welcome the Elektrizitätswerk Zürich (ewz) to the family of DT.Energy users.

DT.Energy offers:

• Detailed modelling of complex hydropower systems, in particular the dependencies of output, head and flow rates

• Integrated optimization in different markets (day ahead, control energy,intraday)

• Stochastic optimization for the determination of water values and inputprices under consideration of future uncertainties (day-ahead prices, inflows,reserve energy prices and calls, retail load)

Valuation and Management of Gas Industry Assets

As a result of the changes in the supply of natural gasto Europe, spread volatility on the gas markets has developed positively again since 2018. At the same time, the uncertainty of future price developments has increased significantly, which asks for the favour of using stochastic models for the valuation and management of gas storage facilities and contracts. In close cooperation with ExxonMobil, Decision Trees has further developed the scenario tree-based stochastic optimization for the management of gas storage facilities and contracts and integrated it into the highly efficient DT.Energy system.

DT.Energy offers:
• Integrated scenario generation of spot and market prices in the future on European gas markets
• Modelling of complex gas storage, gas contract and LNG portfolios
• Modelling of different market areas and transmission capacities
• Intrinsic and extrinsic valuation of complex natural gas portfolios with regard to spot and forward markets
• Ex-post analyses of the added value of stochastic optimization compared to rolling intrinsic
• Decision support in the management of open positions in gas storage and gas contract portfolios
• References in the daily application of stochastic optimization in Asset-Backed Trading of gas storage facilities

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